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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Design Write a Story - Lustre Pearl and Clive - 2 Bars on Rainey Street

I've never been to Austin TX, but when I do go...

Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street   photo from austintowers.net
I read the following descriptions in my Sunday paper's Travel section - a reprint from the NYTimes' Kristina Shevory:
The Rainey Street neighborhood, a formerly sleepy area near the banks of Lady bird Lake, has morphed into the latest hot spot for locals. Old bungalows have been fixed up and turned into bars and cocktail lounges with ample backyards and porches. Over the past two years, Bridget Dunlap... took a collection of broken down homes, gutted them and turned them into cozy bars each with a distinct personality.
In the words of any Weasley, "Bloody Brillant Harry!"


My interest was piqued... especially since I love all things Pearl. I looked it up online. 

The site I found  was a brillant marketing example of what I call on my Pinterest board
 DesignWrite a Story -- taking photos of places and making a story map, or connecting the dots for characters from one location, emotion, or event to the next.
The sepia photographs on the site make you feel the singeing desert heat waves that rise to snuff out your breathing, like a muffler in summer. Nina Simone sings a  bluesy Feelin' Good as Lustre Pearl's story unfolds. 
Go read for yourself the story of how this nightclub blues singer, stranded in the Nevada desert with a broken down El Camino, is rescued by a gallant Chevy drivin' cowboy named Clive. 
And how eventually the two of them end up resting in peace together forever back in Texas. 

Clive's bar is down a ways from Lustre's on Rainey Street: 

photo from austintowers.net  http://clivebaraustin.com/index.html

This site is pure Texas Cowboy, set to Kris Kristofferson's whiskey voice crooning 
Lovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again). 

A chandelier made of whitewashed whiskey bottles, gleaming oak boarded walls and ceiling and solid cement bar surface set off by - mon Dieu! - white leather tufted / brass tacked bar stools, you get a clear character portrait of a solid and honorable cowboy who appreciates  good whiskey and a woman who can sing the blues. 

If you're ever in Austin TX, look up Rainey Street. Or just go to the sites here and enjoy the stories the pictures tell. 

What stories have you written through random pictures, photos, or illustrations you've seen? 
I'd love to hear your stories and experiences in the comments! 


  1. Thanks Pamela!
    Them pictures look straight out of a movie scene. I noticed anything I write usually have stairs in the living room heading to the second floor. LOL

    It is because of the images I have in my head of what a house should look like. When I wrote the "end is near" short story, I based the house around that familiar format. Kitchen next to the living room, stairs lead to the second floor, bedrooms are are directly over the kitchen, etc.

    Shows that picture homes like this:

    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    Married with Children
    the list goes on and on

    You can find still images :) everywhere for these shows. They living rooms all have the same layout. LOL

    Sorry for rambling again!

  2. That shows how visual your thinking is Rene, and how it translates to your writing to make you even better in telling your story!


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