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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday Mash Up - Big News - Next Week's BIGGER News!



Big News!

And Now - the BIGGEST NEWS for Next Week!
Get your MS's ready Writers, because LOOK WHO'S COMING MONDAY!
Darlene Bucholz and Annie Oortman are the Grammar Divas - 'two fiction writers with a grammar fetish.'

But what these two Writers do with Grammar for the Fiction Writer (like tell you not to capitalize words mid-sentence, or use too many -dashes- or dotdotdot's... <- like that,see?) is give your writing Style, Action, and 'Oomph' so that editors and agents sit up and take notice of your fabulous voice and overlook your run-on sentences!

Annie Oortman is a professional copywriter who writes the awesome microblogs on Facebook and Twitter...
and the awful puns too--
She is a "...card carrying member of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar" (spogg.org), and she'll slap your hand if you end a sentence with a preposition. And yes, there really and truly is a link that works for spogg.org. And fingers crossed her trip to NYC for RWA yields good news.

Darlene is a former high school english teacher who writes romantic suspense with heroines who drive trucks and heroes who are cowboys and cops. She'll give you aloe for your hand because she disagrees on the Never End a Sentence with a Preposition Principle.
To which I say... Never say never....
These ladies are in high demand for online classes and live workshops through October, and I'm honored to have them guest post here on WriterMason.

Annie and Darlene will post on "Effective Openings" for our fiction here on Monday.
Comment to win ... drumroll ... a
Grammar and Style Critique of your first 15 pages of your manuscript!

I know! Go! Go check out their site and their online classes and get that ms in shape! I plan to enter some contests this month, so this couldn't have come at a better time for me... how about you?

Bigger News For Next Week!

The interview and review of Leslie Tentler and Midnight Caller that appeared on this blog last month will be reposted again on 411NOLA.com's wonderful site! AND...
Leslie will be giving away two copies of her book, Midnight Caller! So if you still haven't gotten this wonderfully creepy, steamy, dark, southern gothic romantic suspense (what?) go comment again 411NOLA.com starting
Sunday through Saturday for another chance to win!

Leslie mailed to me her next book in the Chasing Evil trilogy- Midnight Fear- coming out in August.
This one's even creepier.
You'll need to download the Airhorn app on your smartphone and sleep with it when you start to read it-
Just sayin'.
DesignWrite continues to grow with your support!
So... from today's comments on Personality in your Offices, sounds like Steampunk is trending!
Here's just one more little goodie for your consideration:

Two Insp'y Boards that Inspire!
Debbie Duncan Kaufman, author of Love Inspired Historical's The Doctor's Mission (coming Nov'11) asked how to cover her 'official' whiteboards that she uses in a very public room in her home for writing (possibly a repurposed dining room?). These two are just a couple thoughts I tossed out to her on today's
#DesignWrite Chat on Twitter .
Thanks for the question Debbie!

And of course once again, Big Thanks to Erika Ward of bluLabelbungalow.com for co-hosting and providing all those wonderful pictures and information. It's always a pleasure to see and read her ideas!

My friend Candace is another Writer/Designer blog getting off the ground with her blog CandaceRose.

Know those spiffy items you see in magazines you read in the doctor's waiting room? And you have no time to rip out the page discreetly, because whenever you try the nurse comes in the room or your name is called? And you can't write it down because you're.... well, you don't have a pen in the pocket of that piece of paper they have you wear.
I swear, my next appointment I'm taking my robe!
CandaceRose offers a service to help you find that magnificent piece of china, that neato knitted pouf, or that crazyrad fabric on that window. So, go! Go play Stump CandaceRose!

Congratulations to Liz Falkner and lisasossamanbooks, who won downloads of
Annie Rayburn's books Bittersweet Obsessions
I love her Crainesians (Crainys) and I'll be looking for more of Annie's works at ERedSage Publishing and Amazon. But I love her emotional, romantic writing in anything,anywhere, so I'm sure my Kindle will be full of her work.
Yours will be too when you read it! 


Dear Readers, you have all been so good to join in and follow this blog and I hope you know that I had no idea how much I would bloom here. Purpley enough for you? Yes...
If I overwhelm the Facebook and Twitter pages with my promotions and DesignWrite chats, please forgive me. I'm working on being better aware of clogging others' newsfeeds.

I leave you with one last quote, and then I'm off 'til Monday.
Expect nothing; live frugally on surprise.
                                                                                                 -- Alice Walker
She likes the color purple too!

A Bientot!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Pamela! So sad I missed #designwrite yesterday, but I'll be there next week! Have you considered posting the transcripts? I'd love to hear more steampunk ideas! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks from me, too, Pamela! Glad you're enjoying Midnight Fear. I'll work on the airhorn thing - I'm sure there's an app for that. ;-)

  3. What an awesome contest. I could use all the grammar help I can get! I will check out their website and classes.

  4. Oh man! Definitely big news and bigger news! I'm looking forward to both of those. I've actually bookmarked one of the Grammar Diva's workshops. Can't wait to dive in. I sooo need help with my grammar.

    And Leslie had me riveted with her Midnight Caller book. I couldn't believe you said this one was creepier. Can't wait to see what you mean. You know, it's always those sweet looking ones who write those creepy books... ;-)

    Final comment. Can someone post a question to the #DesignWrite space outside of the designated days??? I have a few and have had to work both times it has run. Thanks for birthing this idea. Very cool indeed.



  5. Tami Brothers,
    Absolutely post a question outside of designated days. You can DM, tweet w/#designwrite, or write on our Facebook walls.
    Erika & I (Grammar Divas be proud of me!) would be happy to answer.
    And don't forget, you can go to tweetchat.com & enter the #designwrite hashtag for the conversation.

    And yes, as lovely as Leslie Tentler is, she writes deliciously creepy books!
    Remember (or you're too young) how charming Alfred Hitchcock could be?
    There ya go...

    And I'm so excited about Darlene & Annie, the Grammar Divas, coming Monday! I'm cleaning up my act for them.


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