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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Me Oh My.... It's a Ten Fascinating Facts about Me Meme!

Life's been hectic lately -- up with lots of work to keep me busy, so many new friends to engage with on the Novel Publicity Network, Writer's Platform Campaign, Google + and Facebook and Twitter...
 and Mrs. Muse has taken up residence again.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Writers' Campaign Challenge - The Door Swung Open

Our first challenge of the Writers' Platform Campaign is a 200 word flash fiction starting with the words above.

The door swung open, revealing a Christmas explosion. An aluminum tree glowed by the rainbow light of a projector, and a craft show cutout of Mrs. Claus stood next to the kitchen door. Front and center stood a lifesized cast of the Nativity, in all its painted plastic glory.

"Sweet Baby Jesus," Alyssa announced, stepping over the threshold. "It's a time warp!"
"Stunning, isn't it?" Krissanne folded her arms and grimaced at Miles.
"And not in a good way," Miles leaned down and pulled the plug to the projector light. "Lessee... a hundred fifty days 'til Christmas by my count. Seems some of us like to start celebrating early."

Alyssa walked over to the Nativity scene and pulled the cord out of the wall. "Some of us never stop celebrating." She patted the camel. "Maybe we could put this fella to work on the side of the road, paint the shop's name on the ... what is this? A saddle?" Using her finger, she swiped the words Company of Three in the dust on the side.
"Speaking of work... grab Santa and let's start clearing out the place." Miles tucked Mrs. Claus under one arm and headed for the back door.
"What do you think you're doing?" an angry voice growled from the stairs. A shotgun clicked. "And where are you going with that?"
copyright c2011PamelaVMason

The more the merrier!
If you don't have a Campaign Flash Fiction posted on your blog & you want to play, go ahead and leave 200 words in the comments. Start with "The door swung open...," and go from there! I'd love to see your stories!

Thank you for following!