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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Conclusion of The Haunting of the Red River House Ball

Many thanks to Dawn Carl of of All Things Genealogical of New Orleans for the wonderful photographs she gave permission to use. The photos are of St.Roch's Cemetery and Relics Room in NOLA, and with tomorrow, November 1 being All Saint's Day, I'll post more about this beautiful cemetery and the others in New Orleans' Cities of the Dead. 

"Mr. Joachim, what is all this?What are you doing here and why are there pennies and snakes everywhere?" I ask, again as if I didn't know. 
He looks up, a mixture of curiosity and joy and ... is that a twinkle I see in his eyes?
"You're back, my Ruby. You've finally come back to me." 

The Haunting of the Red River House Ball, pt.2

the actual floor of the relics room at St.Roch's, used with permission

I catch my breath. Mignon can make a helluva entrance.
I’m getting used to this; nothing fazes me anymore. Well, not like it used to anyway. Police crouched against the front of the house, Mignon’s hellcat tirade at decibel levels, people recording everything with their camera phones ….
And all I can think about is the sooner I unload the Missile, the sooner I can go-
I force the thought down and away. Not going there again. New thoughts, new habits. The sooner I unload, the sooner I can  handle Mr. Joachim and the newest crisis Mignon’s just handed me on a plate.
 Like a pair of St.Lucy’s eyeballs.
With one bottle cuddled under my arm and against my side, I grip the neck of the second and get out to open the back of the Missile.
“Ma’am, step away from the car please.” Oh. No.
 An overzealous newbie security guard. Probably his first day chasing La Mignon through the mean streets of his private gated community. Well, if there’s one thing  I know, it’s how to get a guy to do the grunt work. 
“You the new guy?” I ask him sweetly. Yep, flirt straight for the kill.
I turn to blind him with my smile, but the sun over his head blinds me instead. It sears my eyes and in seconds tears flow and I’m all squinch-y and then… my nose. Well, it’s not pretty.
Instinctively I raise my hand to stop what’s running away. The bottle slips from my side and before I know it the arms of one very solid man catches the bottle – and me.
“Yeah,” he whispers nice and low and a little rough, too close to my ear, too close to me. I feel his heartbeat through silky cotton, smell soap and man sweat, see stubble on his jaw and the pink of his lips and his deepset dark brown eyes… I can see again. “New guy. Name’s Herman.” He reaches behind to his back pocket and pulls out a handkerchief. “You okay?”
I want to bury my face in that piece of cotton and scrub the scent of him into my pores. But that would freak him out and so I dab daintily and sniff.
 “Thanks. I’m good.”
“Mignon LeBouef?” he asks me.
Cue the hysterical lady.
“Snakes! Charley? Charley he has snakes in here!” Mignon stomps past the police and security guards to confront me.“Snakes! You hear me? Not just a scaffold, but snakes! You need to come fix this!”
Then, to Mr.Spectacular,  “Oh hello. And you are…?”
Herman pulled his gaze away and I take my bottle from his hand. “Mignon LeBouef? Herman Richards , Halloween Orleans.”
Marching up to the door, I repeat my new mantra to myself for courage. “Fix the problem. Fix the problem. Fix the problem.”
Inside the reception hall the policemen stand and stare at the mural on the walls, talking in low tones to each other,  sliding their feet over something on the floor.
 Pennies. Shiny orange ones, dull black ones, and every shade of copper in between. Everywhere – on floors, and stair treads, on chairs and window sills.
And snakes. Two big black ringed California kingsnakes, and one big white –
“Is that a boa constrictor?” I ask out loud, as if we didn’t already know.
A policeman whistles long and low and intones “That is one big –“
“It’s Legba,” interrupts Mr. Joachim. “Oh good, you brought wine.” He gestures for me to come forward.
“They won’t hurt you! They’re nice snakes! They’re here for Legba!”
“And just what exactly is Legba?” I ask, watching the big fella on the floor that seemed to be meditating under the Lovick and Lamphier table that cost an arm and a leg –
Both of which lay on the table. A plaster cast of half an arm, a foot cut off at the ankle, and an old, rusted metal and leather leg brace.
All relics from St.Roch’s. Scattered amongst the items were candles and –
Dammit! The doberge cake from the caterers for tomorrow’s ball!
“Mr. Joachim, what is all this? What are you doing here and why are there pennies and snakes everywhere?” I ask, again as if I didn’t know.
He looks up, a mixture of curiosity and joy lighting up his eyes. “You’re back, my Ruby. You’ve finally come back to me.” Copyright2011©Pamela V. Mason, all rights reserved

actual casts of legs, feet, a heart, leg braces ad crutches, offered in thanks to St.Roch for being cured

The Haunting of the Red River House Ball, pt.1

My Halloween story, Part 1 that was on Tami Brothers' Live,Love, Write!  --
The Haunting of the Red River House Ball


"What do you MEAN he's got scaffolding set up over the dining room table?" Mignon stomped on the gas and hurtled us forward. One moment my boss, Mignon LeBoeuf, owner and head designer of Inside Out Interiors was a sweet, savvy, southern diva with more bling than one of her overpriced chandeliers.

Friday, October 28, 2011

More of Diana Duncan!

It's Friday ya'll! 

Diana Duncan graciously answered a ton of questions I posed, so I'm putting some more up today for your enjoyment. Don't forget to comment for a chance to win a download of one of her ebooks: 
Deal with the Devil, the Devlish Devlin series 

OR her newest, just - released  - yesterday paranormal romance, Sword of the Raven

"...The entire theme of the book is how we can’t always stop or control the things that hurt us, but we can choose to triumph over them. I have to admit, I cried when I wrote that part. In fact, I cried more writing this story than any other. But when I made it through to the happy ending, it felt really great."

Check out yesterday's post here for her writing advice, encouragement, and what men wear under their kilts. 

You know I live in Atlanta, where the zombie apocalypse is filmed on a weekly schedule....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introducing Diana Duncan - author of the Sword of the Raven & Deal With the Devil

When destiny calls…you don’t hit ignore.

Releasing Thursday, Oct 27 , but you can win a download of this ebook here! 
Comment below for a chance to win! 

One day while perusing one of my favorite Facebook groups, Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book, up comes a post by Diana Duncan that went something like this --

Sorry to be away from the internet so long, but with family things, and cranking out five new novels to release by the end of this year, I'm just now seeing the light of day.... 
That's not a quote, it was just the gist of her post. 
But... 5? 

Well, I just had to check out this writing machine! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's time to talk about saving money

I'm proud to be a member of the Southern Savers Community. We're a group of coupon savvy people, and we help each other with savings ideas and commiserate when our couponing strategies get thwarted by untrained cashiers.
Most of all we have a good time on Jenny's site chatting and helping each other out.
Some of these couponers are extreme, but many are not. And trust me, we've discussed the subject ad nauseum!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wired by Martha Randolph Carr

"Charlie told us about you two. I'm sorry. It seems everything's going wrong this summer." 

BoyHowdy, is it ever!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trick or Treat! Phantoms & Fantasies by Annie Rayburn - Review and Giveaways!

Available on Smashwords  And  on Amazon
Don't let the pink backdrop and the rose petals fool you -- Zeenie is a sharp heroine who can kick ass and  won't settle for anything less than ALL she wants and deserves.
And she gives her hero - and only her hero - the same: 
"I didn't hold back on your fantasy, don't hold back on mine." 

PHANTOMS & FANTASIES is the sizzling love story of Zeenie and Turk, two Crainesians

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Georgia Romance Indies' Blog Tour - Annie Rayburn's Phantoms & Fantasies

Monday, join me here for a review of Annie Rayburn's Phantoms & Fantasies. And leave a comment for a chance to win a download of this book, where Zeenie and Turk find each other but Zeenie harbors a secret hurt that may just be too big for Turk to overcome. 
We're also giving away a download of Insight,                                                                                      Annie's introductory short to her Crainesians species. Don't worry if you don't think you like science fiction - Crainesians are almost human, blending into the human species seamlessly, except for their elevated empathic skills and ability to recognize their lifemates the first time they set eyes on each other.
That's what makes her books so good - when her heroines recognize their lifemates, well... you'll have to wait to find out!  
Annie might have a few other goodies to offer too - but you have to comment to win! 

And the best part? She'll be giving away one copy of Phantoms & Fantasies all week on the other GRI blogs! 
Plus, if you comment one day or every day, you'll have one to five chances at Annie's big prize on Saturday -- 

"Because my books all revolve around matters of the heart, the grand prize will be a beautiful collection of semi-precious heart pendants and necklaces encased in their own wooden jewelry box."
                                                                         --Annie Rayburn

Next week will be filled with Zeenie & Turk... and more Versatile Bloggers to get to know!

Stop by here Monday, and leave a comment for a chance to win one of Monday's prizes:
 a download of Phantoms & Fantasies, OR a download of Insight, OR these coupons for Victoria's Secret Heart Breakers Lace:

Tami Brothers' Live, Love, Write! for an author interview Tuesday..., 
Sandra McGregor's Life, Love, and a Good Book for an excerpt Wednesday...,
 Pink Fuzzy Slippers' Writers' Blog for an interview with Turk on Thursday..., 
and finally a game of Spin the Bottle ... which Crainey Would You Kiss? at Linsey Lanier's blog Friday! 
Saturday Annie will wrap things up on her own blog, with all the names of commenters from all the blogs together as many times as they've commented, to win One Great Big Beautiful  prize! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Musings and Insights... And a Tour with The Best Prize Ever So Far!

It's just a perfectly gorgeous day today.
After a full week of gloom and rain - which the grass & plants all needed badly - the sky is bright blue again, and the sun sparkles through the greengold leaves of the birch trees.
Autumn is one gawdy season, isn't she?
But she should be - pure in all her scarlet and orange clashing glory....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sublime Autumn for a Small Town Saturday Night

If Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned, 
Hell also hath no jealousy greater than that against a perfectly sublime and lovely ...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moonlight & Magnolias...

   This is a post that could be aptly titled all sorts of things:

  •  How to Make Friends at a Writers' Con (aka WriterGirl Camp) 
  • What Not To Wear/Say/Eat/be Photographed doing at a Con
  • Etiquette at Writers' Conferences
  • How to Take Care of Yourself over 4 Days in 1 [Stuffy] Hotel
  • The Real Secret To Fulfilling Your WriterGirl Dreams
It makes sense to me to divide all this worthiness into chapters. So-- complete with name dropping and unsolicited advice and telling on myself with my tongue firmly in cheek, I present to you --

Chapter 1:
How To Make Friends at a Writers' Con (aka WriterGirl Camp) 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE people! I like to listen and hear their stories, share a meal and drinks,but most of all

Please Welcome Guest Poster Leanne Gagnon!

I'm back from Writergirl camp... better known as Moonlight & Magnolias. It was so much fun -
and there are pictures posted everywhere of everybody having a great time.

I met so many new writers and authors, Pitch Workshop went fabulously (as I knew it would, thanks to all my wonderful Author Coaches & Writers), and I had some good conversations with Eloisa James, Leigh Michaels, and Karen White (who offered up some excellent memory tips I must share with you all).

Yes, it was all work AND play -- especially with the Wine & Moonshine Party (I have a recipe to post for you all) and the Maggie Awards! More of that to come....

But today, an extra special treat from a lovely friend - Leeanne Gagnon!

Leanne's blog, Books Read n'Makeup Done, is great for reading new author interviews & discovering new reads. But Leeanne has a Passion for makeup -- check out her newest Facebook page Reading Makeup for some great Halloween makeup ideas here) .

So.... while I gather my wits and write a report of what I learned at Moonlight & Magnolias, please read Leeanne's post today and leave a comment to say hello!

Makeup History Comes Full Circle

Makeup has been part of civilization for decades, though it was widely used 
throughout the world it was often frowned upon.  Before the 1920’s it was actually

Thank you for following!