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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DesignWrite Wednesday - Now for the 'Write' half

Trust me, I didn't forget to post! I just got sidetracked a little.

See, you can find me at any number of places: here (thanks for visiting me here btw!), Facebook, Twitter (#PotterChat tomorrow night 9pm for PotterHeads like me), Google plus, Romance Biggest Winner Thursday blogs, last week's 411NOLA.com, Patch, and Pinterest.
And Google plus is so shiny and new...
And Pinterest is too much fun!

I have to scratch my head and wonder... how did I manage to get myself in so many web locations in just a few short months? For one who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into blogging and social networking?

Well... for one thing, the finale to Harry Potter did set my head to its spin cycle.
I began to wonder....
What would Harry Potter's chances of such phenomenal success have been without the world JKRowling so carefully crafted and the movies so beautifully manifested onscreen?

Who didn't feel suffocated in the Dursleys' overchintzed, under edited suburban home? Pink Petunia, indeed.
However, if you like a feminine decor with pastels and pretty scroll work that's not so fussy, consider...

I can see Hermoine reading in this nook, can't you? Or grown up with Ron, here: 


The Weasley's cottage style is described as "boho chic", which to me means cluttered. But, clean it up & add romance, & maybe Harry & Ginny's home would be something like this: 


photo by Memi the Rainbow

photo by Julochka

And RIP Prof. Snape, Sirius Black, Prof. Lupin and wife, and Fred: 


 #DesignWrite Chat will be on hiatus this week so I can finish up one of the three wip's trying to burst from my brain. BUT!! The hashtag will remain open, and since I am on Twitter frequently (re: several times a day, I'm addicted), go ahead & tweet questions or problems. I can look them up and tweet right back!

Thank you for your interest in #DesignWrite. I am dividing it now into #DesignWrite for the Home, with our Home Office dilemmas and ideas and inspirations, and #DesignWrite for Writers, as you see in this post here. These pictures come from one of my boards on Pinterest.com, where I've posted these and a third, #DesignWrite a Story. So... if you need inspiration or a visual for a character's setting or destination, go over there and take a look! And be sure to give me a shout out if you find something perfect for others to see on one of the boards -- I'll be sure to give you credit for it!

I'm having HarryPotter withdrawal. Come with me to http://piperbayard.wordpress.com/ for Piper Bayard's tips to move past the grief cycle.

Or, if you're like me & just can't get enough, go to Susan Sipal's blog,
http://harrypotterforwriters.blogspot.com/2011/07/something-potter-this-way-comes.html, and join in her Twitter Chat #PotterChat tomorrow night at 9pmEST.

And last of all, remember:


What Harry Potter interiors personality do you love? Remember Shell Cottage? Did you catch the shell border in the guest room where Olivander stayed? 


  1. Fun post, Pamela! I just saw the movie and I've always loved the meticulous detail of the sets. Shell Cottage was one of my favorites--so serene, so SAFE (well, it was a safe house, after all), and the shell theme repeated throughout. The Burrow--though not my particular style (the clutter would drive me nuts!)--is a sentimental favorite. Thanks for the photos!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Claire. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Dang! When I tweeted about this I said Harry and Ginny's house. Duh!!! I was thinking how like the Weasley house it was and automatically went to Ginny.

    Sorry about that.

    I still love the decor and think I would even be comfortable there.

    Thanks for posting these, Pamela!


  4. Tami! I saw that on Twitter-- so which do you like, the lavender or the green (fresh, yes?).

    It was a nice symmetry JKR gave for the ending there. When I fantasize in my brain about their lives after 'the end' I imagine reunions and holidays and babies...

    Does anybody else do dumb stuff like me?

  5. Actually, I'm a HUGE green fan so I'm going with the green. Very inviting. I totally agree about imagining the end and seeing the whole group together. That kitchen you posted is definitely a great place for them all...

    Keep sharing these things. This is incredible!



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