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Monday, July 18, 2011

WriterMason Monday Muse News

 Muse News

It's an irony for writers who blog and network all over social media....
...When the Muse arrives, a writer must write before she leaves again.

Which silences (or at least quiets) the writer online, on the blog, on twitter, Facebook, Google +....

And so it is that Muse has appeared to me in all her glory, and I'm taking a chance on pissing her off again by posting to my blog. She is a jealous little thing. But she's graciously giving me a quick break in her dictation so I may stave off any guilt I feel in neglecting my blog posts to you, and so here I am with some thoughts, another exercise, and preview of coming events for WriterMason's DesignWrite on Wednesday.

On Pinterest, I've started some boards: " DesignWrite" is an inspirational board for writers who love visuals to enhance their own imaginations. Doorways, portals, romantic settings, couples in love... all are represented. Are you a fantasy or paranormal writer? Wrought iron gates that separate the world we live in from the world we desire like a lace curtain here. How about time travel I mentioned above? See the steps to nowhere (actually the Baltic Sea--) or ... where do they lead?                                                                            
google.com                                                                                                                                                    Historical Romance writers, there are gorgeous pictures of Edith Wharton's estate, The Mount, as well as stately New Orleans mansions that may be haunted. And for the lovers of Sheikh Romances -- Scheherazade is pictured (all the way at the bottom). I'm having so much fun with it I've started a DesignWrite a Story board, much like what I'm doing here. 


From Writing Without the Muse, Exercise 45,  M A P S,  Beth Baruch Joselow writes: 
Try mapping out a story, using either a real map or a mapyou make up. Circle five destinations on the real map, or draw a map that includes at least five destinations that you make up. ... Draw lines between the destinations... write your way from one to the other until you reach your final destination. Who is on this trip? Do they know why? See if you can let your characters reveal themselves to you as they travel.

So many favorite classics follow her directions above: The Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, and to some extent, Gone With the Wind (think about it). So, from the pictures from my Pinterest DesignWrite boards, give it a try yourself. I've scattered some here today, but you can follow the link to select your own. 

Wednesday's DesignWrite -- Writers' Retreats from Closets, Laundry Rooms, to the Back Yard. 
And how our characters' worlds and settings affect their characterizations. And another Pinterest board! This one's DesignWrite for the Home! 

A Bientot! 

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  1. LOVE these pictures, Pamela! I understand about the muse... Seriously, don't piss her off...grin...

    Looking forward to Wednesday!



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