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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~DIY~ DesignWrite Wednesday !

D I Y 
Three Little Letters for Three Little Words 
that either excite you & make you tingly and breathless with excitement 
Strike fear and terror in your soul! 
But take heart... 

This won't hurt. 
And for you Romance Writers, there will be some inspirational reward at the end of this post. 

From Fail to Fab Filing Cabinet

Centsational Girl's blog is having a link party for How I Yard Sale this week. 
I absolutely LOVE yard sales! Just last week I bought three beautiful, large pieces of Fostoria glass - a vase, a footed bowl, and a pitcher - for $7 all together! These go with my grannie's pieces that I have already: a cake plate and drinking glasses and various serving pieces, so I was thrilled to take home these babies. 

But I know... that has nothing to do with our DesignWrite Home Offices. 
So... if you go to Centsational Girl this week, you'll see her Link Party. But I've highlighted some for you, both from there & others I've found. 
Above Vicky on Before This and After gives you deets on how to transform an ugly black metal filing cabinet to perky and colorful. 

Here's another paint, glue, paste project that's different and adaptable from Three O'Clock Winds:

Yes, it's sheet music. But imagine this with pages from an illustrated childrens' book, or poetry, or if you're feeling energetic and creative and LOTS of books, you could cut out various paragraphs and quotes to make a collage of printed words. Sacrilege! I hear you! But think about it... wouldn't you love your favorite quotes on a table to see all the time? Okay! so print them out in Word!...

from Marci's blog Timber and Lace
 One unattractive desk...

Can become a standout with woodworking scraps
fitted on the surface, great hardware from Home Depot, and a cohesive paint job.
From Better After .

Good Bye Old Living Room - Hello New Office on Anythingology

She really overhauled her home to claim some office space! 

Is this a great idea for Thinking Vertical or what? 

Dollar store clipboards painted silver and mounted to the wall. Think of how your papers for different  projects could be organized and off your desk if your work surface is small! 

And finally, from Centsational Girl herself, and just for CJGlover, a link to reupholstering an office swivel chair, with pictures! 

More #DesignWrite Chat Tomorrow on Twitter! But please do me a favor and tell me if 10am is a good time for the chat, or if something after noon, like 1pm or 4pm, is better for you. Comment below! 

A bientot!  


  1. These are some great ideas, Pamela! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you like them Pam. I really like the clipboard idea - the picture doesn't do it justice, but I've seen boards painted chrome silver & mounted this way, & it's an easy economical way to create a hot file for students' papers or various character charts.

  3. Awesome! Love the Art clip boards and the quotes idea. I am definitely doing the clip boards for a couple of writing projects I have. I've been trying to figure out how to expand my cork board without actually taking up all that space. I just need a spot here and there and this will work perfectly. I can cover a tiny nail hole easier than what it would take to actually hang (another) corkboard.

    Thanks a ton for sharing these. Am headed over the Centsational Girl's blog right now.

    Tami :)


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