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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disconnected in a Too Connected World

OMyGoodness! It's been a day with no internet access...no blogging... no CONNECTION!

I was able to tweet a little bit this morning on St.Paddy's Day, but a very little bit. Which leads me to this subject:

Should I have tweeted, written a blogpost, or worked on my wip?
I tweeted.
Thought about this post.
Read and pondered my wip.
And cleaned my house, ran around the neighborhood, took pictures for tomorrow's post, and generally enjoyed the beautiful spring day we had today.
Now I'm feeling guilty.

Reading and pondering does count for a tiny little bit if it moves you forward or untangles a plot problem.
But, with yesterday as our regular Crit Day with Lindy Chaffin Start and Pam Asberry, I wimped out.
And I am kicking myself about that. Except, I think, right now, my wip ... stinks.
Could be I am too close to it. Could be it really is stupid. Could be it's so original, melodramatic, and soapoperatic that it really is okay, and I just need to keep hammering on that square peg.

Keli Gwyn's blog deals with this in her blog today:http://keligwyn.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/overcoming-self-defeating-thoughts/  Which I should print out myself and tack to my screen.

Have you got any comments? Advice on self-defeating thoughts and behaviors? Tricks to beat procrastination?
                  "Your work here is done. We'll take it from here. Good-bye SnowBirds!"


  1. When I'm feeling that way sometime a step back is all I need. Or sometimes, I push forward, then go back later and edit to get a fresh perspective on it all. But usually when I'm feeling that way, I take a break. It usually means I'm overwhelmed with everything in general (life included) and I let it all stew, and settle. Then once I get my balance back, I'm able to see it with new eyes, and realize that it's not too bad after all. :) Oh and btw, I'm in one of those ruts right now myself...shopping therapy is on the agenda for this weekend.

  2. You're right about the overwhelmed part-- spring+teens+upcoming break+wip+newblog+socialnetwking= overwhelmed. Plus, I'm leaving for a cruise with hubby while my teens go off on their school trip. I need to spray tan! LOL!
    You're right about taking a step back also. I do a woo-woo sort of thing: falling asleep, I deliberately ask my subconscious mind to work out plot/character problems. Woke up this a.m. thinking about a scene to add that would turn my plot events around, but allow it all to fall into place so much better.
    Thanks V.! Thanks K.!


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