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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I "Like" Coffee, Voodoo, and... Nutmeg


File this under "Be Aware and Be Afraid" .

Remember when we all lamented the lack of a thumbs down pic on the Facebook status updates? Somebody you didn't really know would post that their pet gerbil was involved in an unfortunate Epilady accident, and you really didn't feel comfortable joining that conversation, but there was no thumbs down to dislike bald gerbils so you at least could show support without the entanglement of engaging.


Perhaps you think that new cover on the latest SciFi Paranormal Fantasy Vamp Romance novel published by the latest indie wunderauthor is only meh, and you don't  like it enough to endorse it with even a thumb.

The Thumbs Up was Facebook's initial introduction to endorsements by the user on their friends' activities.

Bertha posts that it's snowing and she's all snuggly-wuggly by the fire with the latest romance and a Starbucks salty caramel macchiato (my personal favorite).              Like. 
Later down the ticker, Agnes is working out with her Wii and getting in shape.        Like. 
Since most of my readers are romance novel lovers, I'll just go out on a limb and make a blanket assumption that we ALL like pages with our own favorite flavor of ManCandy. For me, it's the Black Dagger Brotherhood Brothers, but Jimmy Thomas has melted my smartphone more than once.      Like
Along product lines, Valentine's Day always brings promotions for "Nutmeg," and if you like Nutmeg's product page, maybe you'll get a high value coupon for Nutmeg.              Like

Are you seeing a progression from simply liking your friend Bertha's fireside Starbucks to endorsing products?
 I like Kraft's Macaroni n'Cheese. I like Community Coffee.
 I like Paranormal Guide to New Orleans  and  I like Voodoo Dolls.


Thumbs Up is a Facebook Gesture, and it moved from liking products like Nutmeg to opening up to Spotify, Yahoo, and Washington Post. Lots of updates pop up in my ticker like this:

"Winifred just read Best and Worst Dressed Golden Globes Winners on Yahoo. Winifred just read how indie published authors may be scammed on Washington Post. Winifred is listening to Moves Like Jagger on Spotify." 

Yes, that Winifred is one busy girl. 

I've also clicked the Like button on pages and experienced the pop up that says "Pamela, tell your friends that you like ...Coffee... Voodoo... Nutmeg....  by clicking here!"

Um... no thank you.
I mean,  thanks for the coupon, but can't we keep some things discreet ?
Does everyone need to know my favorite type of spice?

Apparently Yes!  in Facebook's app developers and future stockholders' eyes.

When Facebook goes public and sells off shares, no longer will it be our little promo / party line.
Apps developers will no longer be required to ask you repeatedly for permission to infiltrate your feed and access all your information on yours and your friends' pages.
Nope, one permission will suffice, thanks.

You know how you feel incomplete when you only charge $18.61 on your credit card and the cashier says, "You don't have to sign..." ? It's a little peeve of mine. 
I like to sign. 
I like to have control of my $18.61. 
And I like to give that permission, even if it is the fifteenth time. 

Tomorrow, Gestures will open up to more than just Liked, Watched, Listened to, and Read.
We'll all be Frictionless Sharing every little thing effortlessly with each other.

On her Facebook page (that I like)  Mari Smith   jokingly asked what new verbs we'll be seeing, and I think she has a point.
So don't be surprised to soon read on your Facebook Timeline:

Pamela ate Free Range Eggs by OrganicFarms Chickens...! 
Pamela guzzled Happy Harmony Green Tea... !
Pamela scarfed down Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds... !
Pamela bought Exercise Woah! for the Old and Infirm.... !
Pamela relaxed to the tunes of TeenScreamingMedley....! 
Pamela devoured the latest fantasy historical romance, Pirates Rocking the Stowaway Faery's World...! 
Pamela stopped her husband's snoring with Open Nose Bandages! 

Pamela likes Nutmeg. 

Moral of the post: Careful what you " Like."
 And Careful with your permissions to Facebook apps.

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  1. This is all at once scary and amusing. I really don't like that they want to follow everything we do.

    All though-I do like nutmeg. :)

  2. What I don't like is thinking of all the opportunities they'll take to plaster my face - or my kid's face, my book cover's face, etc - next to a product I like.
    One's puppy should not hawk Nutmeg.

  3. So many changes. I'm becoming more and more of a techno-phobe, and I actually like technology. Good info as always. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this. Or the thumbs up. Or whatever gesture you prefer. I went over and disconnected a slew of apps. o_O

  5. Now that I've stopped laughing over the Nutmeg (I was absolutely clueless until I saw the video!), I have to say that it's the water-drip torture. Little by unobtrusive little, we've given away all shreds of privacy. I try to keep my "likes" and uses of apps to a minimum, but it's all for naught. Each app that currently asks permission lets you know that you're also giving it access to all your info, including your list of friends. So, I can either turn my back on FB, or ask my friends not to use any apps...I was initially sucked into the FB vortex by the ability to keep in daily contact with my far-flung family. Then I met wonderful online friends such as Pamela, and I can't imagine losing all of that interaction. And so, I calmly hold out my wrists for them to snap on the cuffs...

  6. It's kinda the same thing as when grocery stores started having those little cards to swipe and get points or discounts. They track everything you buy and the coupons print out to correspond with what you buy. Buy lot of Lean Cuisine? Here's a cpn for Weight Watchers entrees. etc. That's kind of annoying, but having them continue to stock what you buy frequently isn't.

    Still, in this instance, I'm glad I've been fairly choosy about liking the products and such on FB.

  7. I know Michele! Little by little it erodes away. I guess in an effort for transparency one needs to either own your 'Likes', the way I've done here, or stay angelic (much too hard for me!).

    Yes Carol, very much like those cards. What annoys me is they're using our participation in a network we entered to 'stay in touch' and have a little interaction, as Michele and I did,to capitalize on for their own purposes. It's just sneaky. That's why I try my best to pay attention and be proactive.


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