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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sublime Autumn for a Small Town Saturday Night

If Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned, 
Hell also hath no jealousy greater than that against a perfectly sublime and lovely ...
... Saturday night in a small town.  
It's been an absolutely Sublime Autumn.
 I bow to the Fall Harvest, Trick or Treating, apple picking and pumpkin patches and happy smiling scarecrows friendly with satisfied birds on their shoulders.

We are all full as a tic.

I can tell in July when the sun dips low --
Summer's warmer shade of light deepens a shade bluer, one day at a time, until October's Bright Blue Weather dawns.

Say what you will about heat and humidity, I'll take it any day over the chill of fall.
The crunch of dead leaves underfoot don't make me rejoice, but bring on a melancholy.
Try as I might, oh so gradually, I slip into the depths of winter shadows just as I pull myself into sweats and heavier shirts.
I shiver and my teeth chatter.
The frog freezes.

My fickle affections turn away from the turbo fan to the space heater. From the soft glowing sky of summer sunbeams dancing on the floorboards, to
my 'Happy Lamp' from Sharper Image....

Friends and family gather and provide distractions from the cold in my bones,
but only for a short time.

No... winter in all its bleached white glory is not for me.
Give me the splendor of heat, whose waves from the asphalt make us groan with relief to step into air conditioned comfort.
The smell of sweaty hard work and fresh mown grass, the stink of the pear trees, the green coating of pollen from nature and the happy colors of the garden.
Sunshine, make the zinnias grow, tall and tacky, by my neighbor's mailbox.
Circling bees and annoying flies and lucky ladybugs that light on my sunglasses or kamikaze dive into my windshield.... I'll take 'em.
But  now, I bow to the Sublime Autumn: dry air, comfortable degrees, long shadows and bright blue October skies.

And I await the bright shiny blue clean color of spring.

A bientot!


  1. Thanks ya'll.
    I only had my Android camera phone, but after we played with it, I decided just to go with the grainy & the light.
    It's more the atmosphere than the artistry.

  2. Woohoo! As I tried to say when Google was being difficult (:) ), I love the pictures but the writing is amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us.




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