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Monday, September 5, 2011

Writers' Campaign Challenge - The Door Swung Open

Our first challenge of the Writers' Platform Campaign is a 200 word flash fiction starting with the words above.

The door swung open, revealing a Christmas explosion. An aluminum tree glowed by the rainbow light of a projector, and a craft show cutout of Mrs. Claus stood next to the kitchen door. Front and center stood a lifesized cast of the Nativity, in all its painted plastic glory.

"Sweet Baby Jesus," Alyssa announced, stepping over the threshold. "It's a time warp!"
"Stunning, isn't it?" Krissanne folded her arms and grimaced at Miles.
"And not in a good way," Miles leaned down and pulled the plug to the projector light. "Lessee... a hundred fifty days 'til Christmas by my count. Seems some of us like to start celebrating early."

Alyssa walked over to the Nativity scene and pulled the cord out of the wall. "Some of us never stop celebrating." She patted the camel. "Maybe we could put this fella to work on the side of the road, paint the shop's name on the ... what is this? A saddle?" Using her finger, she swiped the words Company of Three in the dust on the side.
"Speaking of work... grab Santa and let's start clearing out the place." Miles tucked Mrs. Claus under one arm and headed for the back door.
"What do you think you're doing?" an angry voice growled from the stairs. A shotgun clicked. "And where are you going with that?"
copyright c2011PamelaVMason

The more the merrier!
If you don't have a Campaign Flash Fiction posted on your blog & you want to play, go ahead and leave 200 words in the comments. Start with "The door swung open...," and go from there! I'd love to see your stories!


  1. Very interesting. I like the sudden surprise at the end! Good job :)

  2. Hi Pamela

    Thanks for stopping by Romance & Beyond today. Good job on the challenge. Bonne chance!

  3. Now I wanna know what's gonna happen with that shotgun!

  4. I liked the surprise ending! Fun story.

  5. Me too! Loved it!! Great job and nice to meet you!
    (I'm entry 236!)

  6. So Whose stuff was it? Nicely done. Mine is #72

  7. Hi Pamela! Loved the Christmas exposion :) Nicely done!

  8. Wow! Thank you for checking out my flash. Hope to see more of everybody on the Campaigns!

  9. Oh no! Great ending, Pamela! Some serious Christmas issues there!

  10. This piece had a very unexpected ending. Nice! :)

  11. Oh-ho: someone is in trouble! I expected a dead body to show up, instead it's a shut-gun. Good surprise element.

  12. Very nice, Pamela! LOL. Love the cliffhanger ending.

  13. Talk about a meanie with the shotgun! Very nicely written Pamela, I really enjoyed reading that and the imagery was very vivid.

  14. Oh my goodness! You certainly painted a vivid picture in that first short paragraph :D ...and then the ending made me laugh. Excellent job :)

  15. Hi Pamela! Long time no see...lol. Glad to see you through the Campaign as I haven't seen you at ROW80 lately. (But I may just be missing you..) Anyway, great entry. Yours is quite different! I kept thinking of that show 'Hoarders'...I've never seen it, but I've seen previews...ha! ~ Nadja

  16. Nadja! So glad you've dropped by! Nope, not on the ROW80 now... LOTS going on though!
    YaY! You picked up on the Hoarders!
    It makes me happy when my writing conveys with the showing & not the telling! Cue the Happy Dance music!
    Not that there's anything happy about Hoarders... no no....

  17. Thanks all for the nice comments! I've been biting my nails- all the ones I've read have been ultra dark. Mine's not.
    But there's deep on its way.
    Okay, deep and dark.
    More to come.

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