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Monday, June 6, 2011

Versatile Blogger Monday

I have been graced
Not once-
Nor twice--
But three - count 'em - three! times with some lovely awards.
So, without further resistance or ... aw heck! Here they are....

Yes, I was awarded the Memetastic Award when I first started blogging and I simply didn't know anybody then to pass it along to....


  The Versatile Blogger was awarded to me by both Pam Asberry and Michele Strangis Stefanides, two writers with introspective, fascinating blogs about living life to the fullest, and appreciating every moment like the present that it is, stumbles and triumphs included. They take my breath away sometimes.
Thank you both!

So... in the interest of fairness, I'll only pass on ONE Versatile Blogger award to 5 lucky bloggers. Here goes:
Here are the Versatile Blogger Rules:
1.Thank and link to the person who nominated you. check
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
    • I was a storm refugee without a home and separated from my family when I was a little girl, growing up in NOLA.
    • I am a twitter/facebook/Patch/blogging Fool-- my social networking addictions. Just try to pry my Android out of my hands Steve! Try, I dare you!
    • My Hero is my Husband... we have been together 31 years now, married for 29 in August. I not only love him, I like him.
    • I did not think I wanted to have children when we were married, so it was ten years before I relented they were born: Wings starts college Wednesday (College? WEDNESDAY??); Fins gets his Driver's License next month (OhMyGoodness Watch Out World!). I was right to wait-- my Hero & I had so much fun those 10 years together traveling and learning life together. But I was also wrong to make the world wait for my wonderful sons to charm and impress the masses.  I truly enjoy my guys-- they are funny, thoughtful, respectful and loving. Now if they'd just learn how to do laundry....
    • My degree is from LSU, School of Architecture, Bachelor's of Interior Design. No, that is not a B.S. degree from HomeEconomics.... if you read how I came to name this blog writermason, you'll understand that sawdust, ink, and paint are all part of my DNA. I love to watch buildings being built. I love to see the possibilities with studs (stop that!), plumbing, sheetrock, and beautiful wood trim. The best work I've ever done was a house before I moved away from Baton Rouge, where I contracted an artist to sculpt kitchen tile for the backsplash to match the breakfast room's wallpaper, the ceilings were painted blue throughout, and a 20foot tall great room was divided with custom cypress molding, with two different grasscloth wallcoverings hung above and below. Think big. I have never seen it in its completed form. 
    • I wrote my first romance when I was ten and showed it to my best friend Stephanie Pratts.  She thought it was good, I thought it was awful, and I shut it away in a drawer to be forgotten and discarded. Four years ago I told my hero, "I can do that," and I'd jump out of bed and scribble stories longhand in spiral notebooks, not stopping, from beginning to end... in one day. Then I came to understand I knew nothing about anything. I shredded them all, set myself to learning the craft of writing... and the muse left me. I've only recently come to see that what I was doing in the first place was right for me, and I now struggle to recapture my muse, who once was  a fairy on my shoulder, dictating in my ear ... and now is little more than a wisp. 
    • Oh goodness! Are you tired of me yet? Last fact: I cannot bake! I can cook a roast that will melt in your mouth, barbecue prize winning ribs, and break your heart with an herbed roasted turkey. Mac n'cheese...Sugar glazed ham with fresh turnip greens...yummmm! Shrimp Gumbo, Crawfish Etoufee, and Stuffed Mirlitons. But ask the unstoppable Lindy Chaffin Start about my attempts at flourless chocolate cake, and ... well, you'll have to wait 'til she stops laughing!
3. Pass the award on to 5 newfound blogging buddies.
  • LJWrites.com, the originator of the Bright Lights Writing Prompt Tour
  • http://mdcwrites.blogspot.com/ ,The Musings of M.d. Christie, originator and driving force behind 4Corners Press, which is about to publish its first book in the coming week!
  • Rene Nightingale, http://renenightingale.blogspot.com/ A Storyteller... not a writer. And a good commenter too!
  • Candace Rose, http://candacerose.blogspot.com/  Funny Frustrations and Truthful Observation should be her tagline -- just sayin'. 
  • Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn http://annierayburn.com/blog/ Who just released her new erotic romance Bittersweet Obsessions and will be my guest with a review and interview this month. I hope you all go check out my reviews on Smashwords and Amazon on the works leading up to this one: Insight & Phantoms and Fantasies-- a new Crainesian world where the women are all strong, the men are all good looking... well, not like Lake what's-its-name.... Better! Much much Better!
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them. Okay I will.


  1. Awww, thanks Pamela! In honored!!! Wow! I can't believe you were a storm refugee. How horrible for you, but proves you are a true survivor!

    I can relate to your relate to your sawdust comment, but only in that my kitchen seems to be covered with it and mud dust from my husband slowly remodeling my kitchen. I look forward to the day that I don't come home from work and it doesn't look like winter hit the kitchen in June!

  2. It'll be worth it L.J. And you'll forget all about that pain when you're using your beautiful new kitchen.
    Been there... house sized.

  3. Love to hear more about you! My dad is an LSU grad, as well.


  4. How about that Debbie! Geaux Tigers!

  5. OMGosh, how cool! Does this mean I'm an 'award-winning' author now? LOL! Well, between this and the Maggie, I can claim that status, right? Right?

    Thanks for the award. Now I have something else to blog about besides Insight, Phantoms & Fantasies, Bittersweet Obsessions and a certain wonderful woman who posted a review that made me misty.

    Will bookmark your blog. Right. Now.

    I'm sorry, I just don't believe you can't bake. You're too accomplished. No. Simply won't accept that as fact.

  6. Thanks Pamela, that's so sweet of you! I think we're kindred spirits when it comes to our love of decor, but I didn't realize you had an interior design degree!
    And it's scary how close I can relate with the whol muse leaving as soon as you started to focus more on craft. I'm still trying to get her back and it's so frustrating!
    But I don't think you need to worry too much, you're such an interesting person, your writing is bound to be spectacular no matter what!

  7. Oh Carol, just go take a look on my Facebook page. Half a b'day cake slid on to the counter. We ate it anyway.
    Thing is, we bought a cake from the bakery the following week for Wings' graduation.Didn't taste half as good as the mess I made.

  8. Candace...Candace...Candace... what are we going to do??
    Glad to see you here; missed ya. Now go show the world YOUR stuff!

  9. Thank you so much Pamela! Now I have to come up with some stuff to share with the world. I am honored to be among the winners!

    Now comes the hardest part of all and that is finding 5 people to give the award to.

    Girl I have to try the flourless chocolate cake! That sounds like something that can go right or really wrong. Well my kids will eat anything so in the end it will be eaten regardless of how it turns out lol. Thanks again Pamela!


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