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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Me Oh My.... It's a Ten Fascinating Facts about Me Meme!

Life's been hectic lately -- up with lots of work to keep me busy, so many new friends to engage with on the Novel Publicity Network, Writer's Platform Campaign, Google + and Facebook and Twitter...
 and Mrs. Muse has taken up residence again.

And then there are the downs, which really aren't very down at all when you look at the bright side of things --

which is the side I choose to look at. 

One of my new friends is Ozlem Yikici, whom I met first on Twitter in Kristen Lamb's #MyWANA twibe, and then reconnected with again on Google + with the Writer's Platform Campaign. 

And, as social media is meant to work, I introduced her to other lovely people in my + streams, and she has delightfully returned the favor, introducing me to Cari at Audacity She Wrote, Rance Denton at Action Prose, and allie wilde, who did the initial tagging. 

I'm supposed to offer up ten random facts about myself in this tagging meme. Funnily enough, I'm going to poach some of Oz's own, because even though we live across this great big wide pond from each other, and we're years and cultures apart, we share many of the same quirks. Well, same, but different too. 
Just proves how small this planet can really be. 

1. Oz is particular about her tea; I am particular about my coffee. I like it strong and hot with a bit of cream in the morning, cold and sweet and weakened with more milk than coffee in the afternoon. 
My parents, from New Orleans, drink coffee with chicory all day long and into the night - you could stand a spoon up in the stuff they drink. 

2. Oz's passion is painting watercolors and oils. My own passion and education is Interiors - design and decor. To me, there is no greater art than the architecture inside which you live or work, and the manipulations of marble, concrete, paint, wood, and textiles to make that space exciting, comfortable, and livable. I started DesignWrite to explore how we as writers who write at home can integrate our working office into our home so we'll be comfortable and professional. 

3. I love do it yourself, crafts-y things. Drop me off at a crafts fair or supply store or - my absolute favorite - a thrift shop. Because I like to repurpose old things better than buying new. I know - sick, aren't I? It's an addiction....

4. Again like Oz, who slips in Turkish words and expressions - I slip in French. I love the French language, and call me a crazy Francophile, j'aime la France. Growing up in New Orleans, we had French from kindergarten through high school, and I continued on through college. But if you travel to NOLA and become enamored of all the French and Spanish street names, just remember, it's Desire Street, just like it looks - not Dez e ree, the French pronunciation. 

5. I too love to engage and banter and converse - especially with people all over the world! It continues to amaze me what this little electronic box does - opening the window to a world of interesting, engaging, geeky people like me! 
But put me in front of a roomful of people and make me talk into a microphone, and  I clam up, freeze like a deer in headlights, and perspire. I can manage to squeak through a presentation. 

6. I have a big heart of compassion for those with disabilities, particularly with communication disorders. I love technology  for people with the inability to speak for themselves - can you imagine how frustrating it is to be unable to say "Ouch! that hurt!"  or "Quick - can you scratch my back?" or "Ick - sour," or simply, "I love you" ? 

7. I love Halloween, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Easter holidays. Fourth of July too. 
Christmas and Thanksgiving? Not so much... the further away from those two holiday marketing monsters, the happier I am. 

8. I am the cat whisperer. I know what Duchess is saying with her certain meows. One meow means she's lonely and wants to be loved on, another means "change my litter." I know what kind of food she wants when she wants it and how.... I know when she's telling us all it's time to go to bed, or one of the boys is late getting home. 

9. I strongly dislike misspellings and misuse of contractions and possessive forms of you're / your and they're /their. It's not that difficult people! 

10. I am an accessories whore. Purses, belts, shoes.... makeup, jewelry, shawls, hats, sunglasses... it's ridiculous how much I own. Mainly because I never give anything up -- I even have my grandmother's costume jewelry from the 1920's. 

Whew! Bored yet? 
I should add - I hate talking about me. I much prefer to talk about anything else, but these things are meant to open up a little more of ourselves to the universe, so there you go. 
Now, for my tagging: 
I know some wonderful authors & writers whom I'd like for you to get to know: Susan Carlisle, Qwillia Rain, and Sonia Lal.  Enjoy! 

A bientot! 


  1. Thanks for the tag! And personally, I would be happy if I had my grandmother's jewelry. It's a link, you know?

  2. lol! Pamela -it's true we are very similar yet different. I certainly understand your obsession with your coffee as with points: 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9.

    You know, I try with the whole social media thing -but twitter is sooooo fast I lose track of people G+ is more engaging but I forget to use it as often (pah humbug to that); I'm still glad to be getting to know you better here :)

    Great posts and facts, it's lovely to see we are all human an d similar despite our differences. :)

  3. LOL Pamela! You are great and I learned a ton about you’re life (I mean your). ;)

    I think I need to introduce you to my cat. I swear she’s giving me the evil eye for some reason. I just haven’t figured it out yet.

    I wish I had just a little bit of your fashion sense. I fake it most of the time but I’ve been known to run to the store in my basketball shorts (which I wear on cleaning days on the weekends – and end up wearing most of the other time as well). :(

    Thanks for letting us get to know you.


    Tami Brothers

    Uggghh! I swear Blogger hates me today!!!! Sorry to anonymous today. :(

  4. Tami, You are lovely in your basketball shorts as well as your LBD... your essence shines through, & that's what matters.
    And... as I told Linda on G+ -- if only I could get my cat to tell me when she's about to barf right in the middle of the living room floor or my satin comforter...ah, well... so much for the cat whisperer!

  5. Hi Oz, I do think it's amazing how we all share so much despite distances and cultures. It's what makes social networking so wonderful - shrinking the world.

  6. Sonia,
    When my granny died nobody wanted her costume jewelry but me. I held on to it all these years & whenever I wear something of hers I always get compliments. I haven't figured out how to wear the hatpins though.

  7. Hi Pamela. Thank you for the mention. I hope you had great fun thinking up the facts to write about. I love your obsession with interior design, sadly, I'm not so very creative with indoor decor, tending to stick with traditional colours.

    And now for something very similar! I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. If you would like to pick it up, you can do at my blog. Although I understand if finding ten has been more than enough for you. :)


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