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Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Are You? Profiles, Platforms, and Personality

I never know what to write in that space that says: All about me, or View my complete profile.
I know people put pages of their interests and hobbies on blogger and facebook and twitter profiles, and I admire that. Trouble is, I'm usually happy in the moment I'm in... the movie I just walked out of is the Best Movie I've Ever Seen! and the book I'm reading is the Best Book! You've Got to Read It!
I keep discovering things about myself every day.
It's hard to keep it all concise and updated, and not all of it is terribly interesting.

But, I am working on my Platform as a writer... something to help us figure out which internet neighborhood to move into, who we identify with, appeal to. One exercise I completed was 100 words to describe myself, and ask others in your life to contribute to your list.
Eek! Like that wasn't just a little scary... does anyone really want to know what others may think of us?
But, in the interest of furthering my career, I wrote as many words as I could, and asked my husband to contribute. Not my sons... the 'Mom' label is all encompassing to them.
While both my husband and I were surprised at the words we came up with,independently of each other, it did fit. I am, among other things, an encourager, gregarious, dreamy ... but I have a good measure of caution, try to listen more than talk, and am a planner. I love color, design trends, and  vintage kitsch, though I prefer to keep my surroundings traditional, classic, with family keepsakes. I'm a morning person, but I don't settle in to work until noon-- I have to clear my brain, my family to do list, and  my sons' laundry  before I settle down to write.
So... what does that say about me? That I can't decide who I am??

Well, I've come up with something for my profile and platform. No, no... you'll have to read my profile to find it out, for this week, at least.
It's fluid, and I guarantee it'll change more than once.
By fun kitschy finds, this is a blog I follow that always sings to my kitschy little heart: http://elegantthrifter.blogspot.com/2011/03/object-of-my-desire-luxury-box.html
Today Mr.Williams showcases a stack of Hermes china boxes, various shapes and sizes, stacked floor to ceiling to become an orange tower objet d'art. Take a look, and imagine the possibilities with what you may have already: books? terra cotta pots? Wedgewood boxes?
And if you don't know Mary Engelbriet, allow me to introduce you:
http://www.maryengelbreit.com/blogs/   For sheer creativity, color, and clutter inspiration, she is my fav. She illustrates quotations and sayings with wit and perfect expression.

Writers... we can be whoever we want to be, when we want to be them... fun, but confusing too.
Who are you today? Who will you be tomorrow?

Tomorrow's Blog: Twitter Tools. Until then,
A Bientot!


  1. Great blog! I completely understand and agree. The part that makes me most nervous about my book is the summary about it, but a close second is the little paragraph about the author underneath the picture.

  2. Ah, Pam. Asking us to look within, one of the hardest things for anyone to do! I have to agree with you, we are ever changing, and perhaps that's the hard part to nail down. But there are underlying roots that stay planted. I'll look for your profile post to gain more insight into the wonderful Pam that I've come to know, a little bit! :)

  3. I still have no bio for twitter, blogspot or facebook...Haha. I guess it is easier to write about other people.

  4. I hear you! You hope you seem as interesting as the book you've written! Or at least your friends at the grocery don't recognize you with the love scene from your book still in their heads!

  5. This is a wonderful blog. I was so worried when I wrote my profile but gosh it's just me!! That's how I am and who I am. Summing up the book was a back biter for me too but I just went with my gut and did what I did. Now I'm fretting over the formatting issue but ya know what? I'm just gonna leave it for a while and stop fretting. It's my first book and my middle name isn't perfection. *le sigh* You rock Pam and omg thank you for sharing Mary Englebreit's site I LURRRVE it. It just brightened up my day. *hugs and big smile*

  6. Sooo luuuvvv this, Pamela!

    Well done!

    I Facebooked it and Tweeted it too!

    You're rocking with this!!!

  7. I am a creature of the moment as well, so who I am changes so often. And that little paragraph is one of the scariest things I can think of to write! Great blog, with lots to think about.

  8. Start with a tag-line. What is your brand? You need to establish that and build on it.

  9. Love your bio, your blog post, too. Reinvention, that's the name of the game! :-)

  10. V.K., Yes, it's those roots that are the most important. Keep them deep, so you'll always be true to yourself, no matter what your endeavors.

  11. C.G., And here you are, so interesting. Guess we don't see that in ourselves, do we? But I see it in you, so go PROFILE YOURSELF, girlfriend!;D

  12. Khloe...love that: my middle name isn't perfection! But that's why we love flawed characters with deep wounds and tortured souls now, isn't it?
    Keep us posted on that book!

  13. I know Elizabeth! I'm thinking it's going to change frequently, because that's just the way I am! It's not so scary as I thought, because people like you and all these others strengthen you with their support.

  14. Thank you DeeDee! I keep learning from you.

    Tonya, working on that tag line. But your Tricked Out Toolbox isn't out yet! Can't you tell how much I NEED it??? And I'll be needing an autographed copy!

  15. Yep Pam, You are absolutely right about that!


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