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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mardi Gras Hangover

Tuesday and yesterday I posted a short Mardi Gras romance. It was something I'd always kicked around in my head, and finally I exorcised it and wrote it for you here.
It was inspired by the cedar closet we used to have in our home in New Orleans. In the 50's my dad was king of the Krewe of Pegasus, and his costume was kept there. Not the train-- those belong to the krewe to be used year after year -- just the satin costume and the crown. I used to open the door, peek inside, pinch the satin between my fingers....
The notion in my six year old mind that my daddy was a king...! Well, naturally that would make me a princess.
And over time, all kinds of wonderful romantic ideas spun out in my head about that.

So on Tuesday, I celebrated Mardi Gras in the second best way possible. If you can't be at the party, make one up yourself... kind of like make your own brand of lemonade.
So I wrote... all day and into the night. I made it all up off the top of my head and....
OMYGoodness I posted if for the WholeWideWebWorld to read ! (shaking head)
And I Tweeted it too!
WHAT was I thinking???
Frankly, by The End, I was too fried to think. And I was pretty fried the whole day yesterday too-- so much so I forgot to eat! (Yes, I could stand to forget even more, I know....)
Yup, it was the equivalent to a real Mardi Gras hangover. If it can't be a party with hand grenades (the drink ya'll, not the ammunition ) or floats and throws, then it's my blogfest with my virtual  Krewe of Nike. I enjoyed myself, ate all my kingcake, put away the tiara, and now back to spreading good Writer Karma.

I looked her up, and Nike is the goddess of Victory, usually paired with Athena, and daughter of Zeus. Curiously, there are no legends or stories associated with her, but I think of her whenever the Olympics roll around. How could you not?
Which is a good reminder: Special Olympics is gearing up for their fundraisers. There is nothing to warm you up faster in this sprwinter weather than to see a Special Olympian finish the race, throw the ball, or execute a perfect routine. 
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SJWright's book, the Vampire's Warden, will be available also as print on demand starting this weekend. 

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Until Tomorrow--A Bientot! 


  1. I love your Mardi Gras romance and that hang over sounds like the best hang over ever. I love mythology and you are right, there isn't much about Nike. Way to bring her into the light.

  2. Just ate my last piece of King Cake too. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. I too am a southern woman, but unlike you I did not manage to stay south and like I tell my friend here. When you are born and raised in southern Louisiana everything north of Baton Rouge is a northern state:0)

  3. Loved reading about your memories!!
    I've never eaten King Cake, but it always looks soooo good. I'll have to try it one day:)
    My dad is Cajun, BTW, he was born in Lake Charles LA. I haven't been there for 30 years probably. My critique partners and I have been thinking about attending a conference there.
    Might be fun!
    Thanks for sharing your blog link with me on Twitter! I love the title:)
    Have a great evening!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Tamara! My cajun blood goes back to Patterson, but the Mobile in me diluted it quite a bit.
    Writers' Conference in NOLA? ! Big one over Labor Day Weekend, but that conflicts with DragonCon here. >:(

  5. I love Mardi Gras and King Cake! I really enjoyed reading your romance! Southern by the grace of god here but of Greek parents. We have great holidays too and I love mythology! In my book I chose the love site on Cyprus for Aphrodite and Adonis for the scene where...well you'll have to read it. *grins* You have a great evening. xo


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