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Monday, March 21, 2011

Discipline, Structure, and Getting Published

So you're working on the Great American Novel.
No? You're on Facebook...Twitter?
Writing the blog that's going to win awards?
But... what about that urban fantasy you were writing last week?
Have you finished that chapter? Scene?

I think it's been a year since I first got the idea for my paranormal romance. In that year I have also written and changed the characters, the plot... oh... ten times, at least. The names haven't changed too much, but one of them is still not solid.
And I've let all kinds of things interfere... I bet you can guess exactly what.
Now, I have written and submitted short stories to magazines, and volunteered at my local romance chapter's writing conference, and taken umpteen online workshops online and in person, and made my presence known on the internet.... 

But you know, if I had made myself sit in the chair and followed the story through from the first idea, I'd be editing, revising, and probably pitching or indie self publishing by now.
So today, March 21, I am turning over a new leaf: I will set aside three uninterrupted hours to write nothing but my novel. Because I am now a year into this story, and really no further along than January 2010.

Here are two links that have convinced me.Be inspired:

http://jodyhedlund.blogspot.com/2011/03/4-ways-to-make-yourself-complete-book.html Jody Hedlund 's rules to Finish The Book
http://pamasberry.blogspot.com/2011_03_01_archive.html  A video of a TED talk by Sivers-- Do Not Tell Your Goal Too Early Unless You Don't Want to Achieve It.

A Bientot!


  1. You GO girl! You can do it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. And thanks for linking to my blog. I am humbly honored!

  2. You remember our words back in January? One of mine was accountability. That's where YOU come in Pam! I've never seen a person with more sheer determination than you. So just keep kicking my butt when it's not in the chair.

  3. Write on friend....I like to use my Blog as a warm-up to the days writing. But I agree about getting caught up in the social network and not the Writing a book now network.

  4. You are absolutely right. With so much to distract you have to make yourself sit down and write. Networking is important but useless if you don't have a product. Can't wait to read your book!

  5. I'm behind ya my friend. You can do this it's just a matter of self discipline trust me I know. Set your priorities. I published my first book and its doing so, so, for having just come out February 20, 2011 BUT I'm hard at work on a trilogy that I've been carrying around in my head for 3 years so I'm not gonna stop now. Don't you stop either get going girl and WRITE ON!! *hugs* you can do it and I can't wait to read it. :-)

  6. Yes...time management, I'm attempting to have a go at that right now. With all the distractions of the internet, I'm finding that I need to section my time off...(something I hate doing) But if I don't, I'll never get any work done. You can do it, Pam!!! We're all cheering for you :)

  7. Cg., Yep, the blog is a good warm up. But I need to be more pithy, like you.

  8. Liz, Khloe, and V&K,
    Oooo... knew I was outing myself! I'm about to set a timer on Twitter/Facebook. bing! Gotta go write...
    Thanks for the support ya'll!


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